New hardware exposed: The SOPHOS64!

Sophos released their new hardware SOPHOS64 with 64-Bit technology! No… just kidding ūüėÄ I transformed an old Nintendo 64 to a case for my UTM hardware: I needed to grind a screwdriver to¬†release the screws: Hardware from 1996 :-> I bend the CPU cooler from my¬†Intel BLKD2500CCE board to fit in the case: Washing the … Read more

Allowing WhatsApp and FaceTime via Firewall-Rules

In an environment with granular firewall rules for accessing the internet, WhatsApp and FaceTime ports need to be opened¬†to work properly. Use “:” within Sophos UTM service definitions for portranges. Here are the ports: WhatsApp TCP 4244 TCP 5222 TCP 5223 TCP 5228 TCP 5242 UDP 3478 UDP¬†45395 TCP/UDP¬†50318 TCP/UDP¬†59234 FaceTime TCP 5223 UDP 3478-3497 … Read more

Hotfix Update 9.411-3 for Sophos UTM

Sophos released the new update very quick after patch 9.410-6. Several customers had problems with single scan in mail and web proxy. Download: FTP & HTTP Changelogs: NUTM-6804 [AWS] Update breaks HVM standalone installations NUTM-6747 [Email] SAVI scanner coredumps permanently in MailProxy after update to 9.410 NUTM-6802 [Web] New coredumps from httpproxy after update to … Read more

New Sophos UTM update 9.410-6

  Sophos released a new maintenance updates. System will be rebooted –¬†Configuration will be upgraded –¬†Connected Wifi APs and REDs will perform firmware upgrade   Bugfixes: NUTM-534 [AWS] Template update notification NUTM-6178 [AWS] pg_xlog directory filling up on AWS deployments NUTM-6186 [AWS] Make all UTM logs available in AWS CloudWatch NUTM-6224 [AWS] awslogs daemon init … Read more

Please plan your network infrastructure… At first!

Dear all, please: Plan your network infrastructure. Buy the hardware. Don’t do the opposite! Once again, I was ordered to a company to configure the already bought switches (they didn’t contact me before to plan it correctly). I went to the datacenter and saw the HPE 5700 series switches… without a fan, only a power … Read more

Build-up a redundant aruba wireless infrastructure

Currently I’m evaluating the aruba¬†controller and access-points as a new product in my company.¬†My goal was a high available system with two wireless controller and two access-points. I created a visio graphic for this, it also contains the ip addresses of our laboratory: I’m using two aruba 7008 RW (Rest of the World) mobility controller … Read more

Ransomware Simulator

Kevin Mitnick and KnowBe4 released a ransomware simulator. This windows-based tool is testing different ransomware infections.¬†RanSim does not alter any existing files on disk. Ransomware is hard to catch because it has always an unknown file signature and downloads bad code after it starts. With this tool you can check if you Anti-Virus has such … Read more