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Sophos UTM 9.712-13 HA update problem

Hello Guys,

Lately I have more and more customers who have an update problem to version 9.712-13. This only affects customers who operate a HA.
The update stops at version 9.712-12 for the master and the slave does not want to update any further.

how do I recognise the error

The dashboard reports a pending update

The master hangs during the update 9.712-12 and the slave has the status UP2DATE all the time.

And the HA log says that the slave cannot download the update 9.712-12.

How does the error occur?

Sophos had released the 9.712-13 update a few weeks ago and had withdrawn the 9.712-12 update. Now we have the problem with the master that it had already downloaded the 9.712-12 update. And 9.712-12 was then also installed during the update process to 9.712-13. For the Slave, however, the updates are not downloaded in advance. And because the 9.712-12 update was withdrawn, the slave can no longer install the update.

How to fix it?

You have 2 options.

You have to shut down the slave node and update the master to version 9.712-13. The slave is then booted up again and can then download the appropriate update from the Sophos file server. The problem here is that someone has to be present to start up the slave node again.

Or you can install the Udpate 9.712-13 on the master via CLI. During the update there is a downtime of about 5 minutes because the slave node does not take over the services from the master due to the UPDATE status.

This command installs any updates that Sophos has already downloaded. The HA status is ignored.

auisys.plx --verbose --level d

The result

After the reboot, the master installed the update 9.712-13. The slave is still set to UP2DATE. To speed up the update of the slave, it can be restarted. Otherwise it may take a few hours until the slave installs the update by itself. If the slave is rebooted manually, however, the database may be damaged. In this case, you simply have to restore it via CLI.

After rebooting the slave


Have a nice day!

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