Problems with incoming mails

Last week I had a problem with incoming mails at the Sophos UTM Mail Protection. Here is an output from the smtp.log:

2015:01:05-12:50:36 utm-1 exim-in[24410]: [1\4] 2015-01-05 12:50:36 H=mx-out-p2.techem.XXX [195.242.XX.XX]:58351 Warning: ACL „warn“ statement skipped: condition test deferred: PGSQL connection failed: could not connect to server: Connection refused
2015:01:05-12:50:36 utm-1 exim-in[24410]: [2\4] Is the server running on host „db_host.local“ ( and accepting
2015:01:05-12:50:36 utm-1 exim-in[24410]: [3\4] TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
2015:01:05-12:50:36 utm-1 exim-in[24410]: [4/4]

This is a problem with the PostgreSQL database. I wanted to restart the postgresql92 daemon via CLI but I got error messages:

<M> utm:/var/log # /etc/init.d/postgresql92 stop
Stopping PostgreSQLpg_ctl: PID file „/var/storage/pgsql92/data/“ does not exist

<M> utm:/var/log # /etc/init.d/postgresql92 start
Starting PostgreSQLpg_ctl: could not start server

I decided to rebuild the database and it works:

/etc/init.d/postgresql92 rebuild

when you have a HA cluster, you will get a mail-notification every hour, that the replication daemon was restarted at the slave unit. To fix this, you need to do the following:

Start PuTTY to connect via SSH to your UTM (use loginuser and change with “su -” to root). You can connect to the slave unit with “ha_utils”.

Slave: pkill repctl
Master: pkill repctl
Master: repctl
wait 1 minute
Slave: repctl

Feel free to extend this instructions.

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