Please plan your network infrastructure… At first!

Dear all, please: Plan your network infrastructure. Buy the hardware. Don’t do the opposite! Once again, I was ordered to a company to configure the already bought switches (they didn’t contact me before to plan it correctly). I went to the datacenter and saw the HPE 5700 series switches… without a fan, only a power … Read more

Build-up a redundant aruba wireless infrastructure

Currently I’m evaluating the aruba controller and access-points as a new product in my company. My goal was a high available system with two wireless controller and two access-points. I created a visio graphic for this, it also contains the ip addresses of our laboratory: I’m using two aruba 7008 RW (Rest of the World) mobility controller … Read more

Ransomware Simulator

Kevin Mitnick and KnowBe4 released a ransomware simulator. This windows-based tool is testing different ransomware infections. RanSim does not alter any existing files on disk. Ransomware is hard to catch because it has always an unknown file signature and downloads bad code after it starts. With this tool you can check if you Anti-Virus has such … Read more

New Sophos UTM update!

Today, Sophos released the update Version 9.409-9 for the UTM:   System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade Bugfixes: NUTM-2392 [AWS] Allow the user to select the security group to port during conversion NUTM-5327 [AWS] Confd object missing after instance … Read more

Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt!

  I’m using an Intel Compute Stick with an USB 3.0 harddisk as my “Home-Server”. The stick has Windows 10 pre-installed: I installed Serviio for streaming to my Samsung TV and I also installed XAMPP to run my ownCloud (8.0.x). In the past I used a self-signed certificate for HTTPS but I want a free … Read more

Sophos UTM Version 9.408-4 released!

System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade Bugfixes: Fix [NUTM-5349]: [AWS] Restore fails if UTM is created with backup file in user data Fix [NUTM-5466]: [AWS] ssh disabled – No connection to stack instances Fix [NUTM-5546]: [AWS] UTM Cloud Update does not work in GovCloud Fix [NUTM-5654]: [AWS] … Read more