Aruba OS Switch automatic vlan assignment for aruba APs

Hello Guys,


today I will talk about how you can automatic assignment tagged and untagged vlans for a aruba-ap.

create a device profile

In the device profile, you can configure the VLAN settings, Poe, jumbo frames, etc.
As example vlan 1502 untagged and vlan 224 tagged.

conf t
device-profile name "ArubaAPs"
   untagged-vlan 1502
   tagged-vlan 224

Assignment of the aruba APs to the created device profile

Now you must associate the aruba-aps to our new device profile “ArubaAPs”.

device-profile type "aruba-ap"
   associate "ArubaAPs"
write mem

test it

With “show device-profile status” you can see if it is running.


Have a nice day!

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