Cisco WLC HA with 2504 series

I already posted a tutorial about Cisco WLC HA with 5500er series but I want to show you how to configure an N+1 high availability system with 2504 WLC from Cisco. Our main WLC will be a Cisco 2504 AIR-CT2504-5-K9 (supports five access points) and a HA unit Cisco 2504 AIR-CT2504-HA-K9. Here is the basic-configuration … Read more

Cisco switch “inline power denied”

I had a curios problem with the new Cisco Aironet access points “AIR-AP2702I-UXK9”. This are universal (country-independent) APs. After several seconds, the access points from this series (connected directly to the PoE switches) made a power reset. Powering this APs with PoE-Injector solved the problem. The Cisco switches used in the environment are 3550 series. The installed firmware … Read more

Multiple SSIDs with Cisco Access Points

In this example I will show you how to configure multiple SSIDs on a dual-band autonomous Cisco access point. The interface “Dot11Radio0” is for 2.4 GHz and “Dot11Radio1” for 5 GHz. We will configure three SSIDs for different VLANs. Create your VLANs for your wireless network: dot11 vlan-name Intern vlan 1 dot11 vlan-name Scanner vlan 10 … Read more

The meaning of the Cisco WLC Ports

“management” Main-Interface that is bound to the physical interfaces. For the WLC 5520, the “management” interface lies on the installed 10 Gbit Ports “Port 1” and “Port 2”. When you activate the LAG function, all physical ports (except the yellow copper ports) will be bound to one LAG. Enabling or disabling the LAG option is … Read more

Cisco WLC HA failure scenario

Some days ago I tested the HA WLC cluster at one of my customer. This is the environment: – First WLC (let’s call it “Main-WLC”) with (with shared management IP – Second WLC (let’s call it “HA-WLC”) with (with shared management IP We powered-off the Main-WLC, the access points and wireless … Read more