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Updating HP ProCurve Switches

Finally back from USA I will deliver you a new tutorial to update your ProCurve switches. In most cases you will need to do an update on the software because your new installed GBIC modules are not recognized. Don’t ever install directly to the newest version because most updates need a new Boot ROM, so you need to install software versions in between to update the Boot ROM. I will give you an example of one of my customer:

You can connect via telnet or ssh to the ProCurve switch to figure out what software is installed with “show flash”:

switch# show flash

So when we look at the newest software version for this HP ProCurve Switch 6200yl-24G (J8992A) at the ProCurve Website we will see software version “K.15.07.0008”. When you follow the link to the release notes you will see an important information:

At this point we have K.12.57 installed, so first we are downloading and installing K.13.68 and reload the device as following:

switch# copy tftp flash K_13_68.swi primary
switch# reload

I prefer the TFTP Tool TFTPD32 which is available for 32- and 64-bit systems. At this point the software image is uploaded to the primary flash area. So if everything goes wrong at the boot, the secondary image is loaded. You have now boot rom version K.12.17. After the switch is up again you can go to the newest version K.15.07.0008!

switch# copy tftp flash K_15_07_0008.swi primary
Validating and Writing System Software to the Filesystem …
switch# reload

Now you can upload an older image to the secondary image area. In my case it was K.15.06.0017:

switch# copy tftp flash K_15_06_0017.swi secondary

Now you have updated your ProCurve switch with the newest software.

switch# show flash
Image             Size (bytes) Date     Version
—————– ———— ——– ————–
Primary Image    :    15192576 04/23/12 K.15.07.0008
Secondary Image  :    14920069 04/20/12 K.15.06.0017

Boot ROM Version : K.15.28
Default Boot     : Primary


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