tcping.exe – ping over a tcp connection

Several days ago I found a nice tool for testing tcp ports from windows command shell. In the past I used “telnet IP tcp-portnumber”, when I got a black screen I knew that the port was open. At I found a better way for quick port testing. You can do it also with nmap but for quick port test I prefer this tool. Just copy the file to C:\Windows\System32 and you can use the tool from any command shell place. Here is an example and the output:

C:\>tcping 80

Probing – Port is open – time=1.317ms
Probing – Port is open – time=2.228ms
Probing – Port is open – time=2.182ms
Probing – Port is open – time=2.430ms

Ping statistics for
4 probes sent.
4 successful, 0 failed.
Approximate trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 1.317ms, Maximum = 2.430ms, Average = 2.039ms

you can also ask the webserver with a GET command:

C:\>tcping -h 80

** Requesting “” from
(for various reasons, kbit/s is an approximation)

Probing – HTTP is open – time=1.198ms rcv_time=7.342 status=502 bytes=2707 kbit/s=~2949.483
Probing – HTTP is open – time=2.208ms rcv_time=4.897 status=502 bytes=2707 kbit/s=~4422.680
Probing – HTTP is open – time=2.227ms rcv_time=3.081 status=502 bytes=2707 kbit/s=~7029.629

There’s also the possibility for using a proxy for this connection-test. All commands are available at the website.


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