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Sophos XG – SFOS 17.0.0 GA Released

First, I’m sorry that the blog “fallen asleep”. I was on holiday and have currently many other business projects. I will blog more in the next time and will write a big overview of the new SFOS v17 release. We will start trainings and start selling XG devices soon in my company, so I think there will be more stuff to blog :)


Sophos released the new v17 of the XG operating system. I think this is “the real XG software” with new GUI improvements, closing feature gaps to UTM and many bugfixes.



What’s New

Setup, Control Center and Navigation

  • Initial Setup Wizard
  • Synchronized App Control Widget
  • Unified Log Viewer and More Granular Logging
  • How-to Guides

Security and Control

  • Synchronized App Control
  • Web Keyword Monitoring and Enforcement
  • IPS Policy Enhancements and Smart Filters
  • App Control Policy Enhancements and Smart Filters
  • Web Filtering Enhancements
  • Streaming Media Enhancements

Management and Troubleshooting

  • Firewall Rule Management
  • Firewall Rule and Policy Test Simulator


  • Synchronized Applications Report
  • Web Keyword Content Report
  • Security Audit Report (SAR)
  • Report Scheduling

Network and VPN

  • IKEv2 Support
  • VPN UI Enhancements
  • Wildcard Support for Domain Name Host Objects
  • NAT Rule Enhancements

Email Protection

  • Smart Host
  • Greylisting
  • Recipient Verification

Synchronized Security

  • Synchronized Security in Discover (TAP) Mode Deployments
  • Synchronized App Control

Deployment and Hardware

  • Microsoft Azure High Availability
  • New Hardware Support
  • Central Management

Issues Resolved

  • NC-21736 [Base System] Upload of Azure firmware fails if up2date is larger than 300MB
  • NC-21045 [CR-to-CN_Migration] Support migration from CR10.6.6 to SF v17.0
  • NC-22582 [Firewall] NAT chain failed if DNAT rule configured using wildcard FQDN
  • NC-22657 [Firewall] Cyberoam to SF v17 migration fails when virtual hosts with portforwarding and firewall rule with DNAT are used
  • NC-22508 [IPS] Change button text from “Cancel” to “Don’t Upgrade Yet” in the firmware pop up
  • NC-22664 [IPsec] IPSec local id validation always failes if another connection uses external cert with remote gateway *
  • NC-22385 [Logging] Fix UI issues in new log viewer
  • NC-22523 [Logging] “Firewall Rule ID” label is sometimes displayed wrong as “Policy ID” in Logviewer
  • NC-22570 [Logging] “Copy_to Clipboard” text is added at the end of the log content copied
  • NC-22571 [Logging] Platform column details are not displayed properly under IPS logs
  • NC-22625 [Logging] Content match is not color coded if the match is a date
  • NC-22655 [Logging] Special chars need to be handled in the log viewer filter
  • NC-22656 [Logging] Results which match filter key are also highlighted
  • NC-22685 [Logging] Web filter icon showing red color even log sub type is allowed in some case
  • NC-22691 [Logging] In- and output interface show same name in logviewer standard view ‘Firewall’ log
  • NC-22612 [Mail Proxy] Control Center widget does not reflect email sandstorm activities
  • NC-22709 [Mail Proxy] SMTP connection issue with high latency mail servers
  • NC-22782 [Network Services] Remove * wildcard FQDN host
  • NC-21776 [Networking] MLM methods can be changed in HA via CLI from Auxiliary appliance
  • NC-22619 [Networking] Unicast route is removed from routing table after interface update
  • NC-22431 [nSXLd] Embedded URLs are categorized incorrectly
  • NC-22536 [Reporting] Manual filter is not working for application contain “\ & \\”
  • NC-22699 [Reporting] App details are missing for blocked applications
  • NC-22747 [Reporting] Report drill down stops working when using languages other than English
  • NC-22043 [Synchronized App Control] It is not possible to add new apps to application filter without customization
  • NC-22393 [Synchronized App Control] Synchronized Applications in reports doesn’t display details for application
  • NC-22542 [Synchronized App Control] Use filename instead of full path in app list
  • NC-22719 [UI] Logviewer logs are not updated properly when switching between pages
  • NC-22130 [WAF] Issue with TLS settings for virtual webserver
  • NC-22610 [WAF] Logviewer does not show the affected entity name
  • NC-22654 [Web] Captive portal redirection does not work for iOS mobile devices
  • NC-22006 [Wireless] WPA2 KRACK vulnerability fixes (via pattern update)


You can find the firmware for your appliance from in MySophos portal (in my case for VMware):


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  1. Thx. Is it now possible to see hostnames of the clients in the local network instead of just the IP addresses in reports?

    1. Can you test it? Just update to v17. Did you configure a DNS Request Route to your local DNS server under Network / DNS / DNS Request Route like this?:

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