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Sophos UTM Update 9.312-8

A new GA update has been released today. Access Points will perform a firmware update.


Bug Fixes:

28055 Duplicated DHCP Leases
29981 Country blocking exceptions are not used in HTTP Proxy
30635 Make ATP alert clearing configurable
32306 “Skip rule on interface error” does not work in multipath
32877 Winbindd running on 100 percent cpu while poll on DC Kerberos connection
32900 pppoe ipv6: link local address is displayed as external ip address
33197 kernel panic on systems running large http proxy installation
33599 Warnings after every awed restart on UTM without onboard wifi in wireless.log
33792 MAC filter doesn’t work for local wifi
33818 Web Filter category blocking not working because URID fails to restart
33924 Streaming an Enterprise SSID without having Radius Server configured ends in AP stops streaming SSIDs at all
34224 Database problems due to Up2Date while in syncing
34250 Httpproxy terminated with signal 8 in in g_hash_table_lookup
34324 FTP Proxy looping file download if client use active mode and av scanning is enabled
34373 WARN-080 messages sent very often
34389 “Invalid response from server” when browsing sites that return non compliant 204
34501 SPX: Password reset not possible
34531 Bridge to VLAN SSID – AP50s – roaming issues since upgraded from 9.209 to 9.302
34542 File extension and/or mime type check does not work in an archive
34576 ftp download fails via http proxy
34595 Enabling Uplink Balancing results in invalid Masquerading config if additional address is used
34604 Mail Manager: IP Substring search does not work.
34605 Unconverting Bridge Interface does not work properly in some cases.
34607 Hotspot: Users have to accept terms of use – HTML misinterpreted
34608 Reset adapter on intel 82571EB
34630 Web-Proxy: GET request with missing content length fails
34645 Forbidden applications are not blocked if filter action is in mode “whitelist”
34661 IEEE802.11ac is disabled if ACS is selected on SG1x5w appliances
34681 MAC Filter does not work correctly after changing the mac list
34683 OpenSSL security update for Wifi APs
34685 3g modem not available after reboot
34689 warning: called by undefined caller!
34703 edir directory browser runs into Error: Search failed: no search control
34712 Cisco remote access causing 10 minute mdw cycle
34717 WiFi: delete vxlan tunnels before creating for modified ones
34739 Support Access Tunnel gets blocked by Country Blocking
34744 Email scanner timeout/deadlock if blacklist entry contains multiple *
34748 SG W-Appliances: Bridge with internal Wifi interface will be not created correctly
34755 Autoneg settings for bridge ports are not applied on startup 9.3
34772 Voucher QRcode misses IP/hostname information
34773 awed died – Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at line 1850.
34830 httpproxy reports “failed to get network: Operation not permitted” in function confd_network_filter
34834 Regex match exceeds pcre limit for “Chrome Update” on google sites
34850 Httpproxy cannot handle tls1.2 client connections
34852 Web Proxy doesn’t handle “302 Object Moved” without a keep alive
34857 Paket rate limitiation in Flood Protection
34874 Manual firmware download via WebAdmin doesn’t work anymore (9.310 regression)
34901 Can’t use string (“0”) as a HASH ref while “strict refs” in use at line 4134

2 Responses

  1. Funktioniert das Update bei euch sauber?
    Bei mir stimmt nun irgendwas mit dem Countryblocking nicht mehr, Ich kann trotz China All Deny Regel auf Chinesische Websites browsen. Ansonnsten funktioniert Countryblock, aber über den transparenten Proxy(Webfilter) geht alles durch.
    Zudem sind die über die WAF geschützen virtuellen Webserver nach einer Weile nicht mehr erreichbar. da kommt dann n’e X-Forwarded-Host Meldung. Das die Header Länge das maximale Server Limit erreicht hat. Starte ich die UTM dann neu geht wieder alles.

    Jemand n Tipp?

  2. Moin,
    Countryblocking nutzen wir nicht, allerdings gehen bei uns von 6 APs nur noch Einer :(
    Alle anderen nicht mehr erreichbar, Reboot hilft leider auch nichts. Hab jetzt ein Ticket geöffnet, bin mal gespannt


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