Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.108 Soft-Release

Sophos UTM v.9.108023


  • Maintenance Update
  • Reduce lifetime of WebAdmin certificate to 39 months to comply with future browser requirements
  • Also reduce lifetime of https-scanning certificate to 39 months
  • Support SHA-2 algorithm for SSL VPN authentication
  • Remove RC4 from WebAdmin SSL cipher list to comply with current recommendations
  • Various WebAdmin fixes in Wireless Status overview


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade


  • 23295 Safe search does not work for Yahoo search engine
  • 23585 WiFi Wireless Client List misses modified clients that are not shown for a long time
  • 24059 Aua fails to handle customized user group attributes
  • 24207 [UBB][9.065] Duplicate NAT entries in Service Definition
  • 24541 Queries on, ca, uk, etc. bypasses SafeSearch
  • 26906 Update GPG for security fix [V9]
  • 27348 Memory allocation errors in Webfilter for FTP requests
  • 27474 Teamviewer via Basic-Auth Webproxy requires creds even if those are stored in the settings
  • 27484 turning off RED client connection has no effect, tunnel will still be established
  • 27744 Routing issue in RED standard/split mode
  • 28013 Its not possible to add more than 20 remote networks into the Sophos IPsec Client
  • 28223 The websecurity manager is not able to change or create some proxy settings
  • 28226 Httpproxy reaches maximum number of open file descriptors due to header files in tmp (Windowsupdate)
  • 28360 Avira Scanner can not scan pop3 mail, Error index out of bound
  • 28390 Not possible to activate more than 62 virtual webserver
  • 28432 Display errors for hotspot vouchers in Japanese language
  • 28633 Update kernel and Intel drivers
  • 28673 Read-only user may delete quarantine mails in mail manager
  • 28846 Slow network throughput on BCM57810 (bnx2x) with kernel warning at net/core/dev.c:2029 skb_warn_bad_offload
  • 29175 HTML5 VPN SSL certificate fetch doesn’t work reliably
  • 29215 Successful console logins are not logged [V9.1]
  • 29283 UTM fails to verify signed emails
  • 29483 [CVE-2013-2061] OpenVPN: non-constant time comparsion of HMACs
  • 29600 Add host tag to remote syslog messages
  • 29663 Httpproxy coredumps every few minutes after update from 9.006 to 9.106
  • 29709 NTPd fails to synchronize
  • 29792 Bridge: Allow IPv6 pass through has no effect
  • 29840 RED doesn’t work in half duplex mode
  • 30047 SSL VPN disconnects when transferring large amounts of data [9.1]
  • 30059 User Portal webpage doesn’t get fully loaded while using Internet Explorer [9.1]
  • 30151 Interface based policy routes don’t work in some setups (9.107 regression)
  • 30178 [NTT] Disable ASPM for 82583V NICs on 120N6 (Bixbox)

Download Details: 
Up2date link:…108023.tgz.gpg
Up2date MD5sum: cc0c2e6688e5d5cc9dfe2a74f38a6b56
File size: ≈93MB

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