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Sophos UTM Soft-Release 9.205-12


  • Maintenance Release
  • Add support for next generation of 1XX, 5XX, and 6XX appliances


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded


31901 Not possible to activate MSP licenses on SG appliances
32048 Using a Reverse Authentication profile requires the ‘Path’ to end with a /
32114 Transparent AD SSO fails after redirect page with “cannot assign requested address”
32158 Transparent mode AD SSO should redirect to the hostname of the UTM, not the FQDN
32238 ulogd restarts (BUG at ipfix.c:313 / BUG at thread.c:33 ) and coredumps
32359 Transparent SSO not applying proper policy when using defined groups
32364 Syntax error on line 1 of /usr/apache/conf/waf/modsecurity_crs_sql_injection_attacks.skip
32380 Httpproxy EpollWorker segfault in send_request_headers ()
32381 Httpproxy EpollWorker segfault in kernel_vsyscall (dns_lookup_proto)



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