Sophos UTM 9.708-6 update released


  • Maintenance Release
  • Security Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-12646 [Access & Identity] User E-Mail addresses won’t be synced properly
  • NUTM-12873 [Access & Identity] GUI issue with selecting Inbound/Outbound ipsec debug option
  • NUTM-12904 [Access & Identity] DUO authentication fails back to AD with success
  • NUTM-12434 [Basesystem] Yukon, Canada region timezone set to stop using DST
  • NUTM-12507 [Basesystem] Getting error message for command ‘last’
  • NUTM-12717 [Basesystem] Resolve OpenSSL issues – Remove DH cipher support – (CVE-2020-1968) & (CVE-2021-3712)
  • NUTM-12748 [Basesystem] Address underscore.js vulnerability (CVE-2021-23358)
  • NUTM-12739 [Email] E-Mails stuck in SMTP spool due to Sandstorm Scan
  • NUTM-12798 [Email] SPX doesn’t work with “&” in the email local part
  • NUTM-12875 [Email] PCI compliance scan failure due to exim ciphers
  • NUTM-12932 [Email] Exim coredumps
  • NUTM-12934 [Kernel] Fully implement RFC5961 compliance for SYN packets (CVE-2004-0230)
  • NUTM-12385 [Logging] Automatic log deletion by age of log file not working correctly.
  • NUTM-11404 [Network] Sierra Wireless MC7430 Qualcomm® SnapdragonX7 LTE-A 4G dongle goes down after few hours
  • NUTM-12126 [Network] If “Skip rule on interface error” is not used multipath rule doesn’t work as expected
  • NUTM-12184 [Network] WAN interface switched to DHCP
  • NUTM-12519 [UI Framework] Post-auth SQLi in User Portal (CVE-2021-36807)
  • NUTM-12524 [UI Framework] Add Cache-Control header for Web Admin and User Portal
  • NUTM-13002 [UI Framework] AutoComplete Attribute Not Disabled for Password in Form-Based Authentication
  • NUTM-12680 [WAF] Unable to renew Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  • NUTM-12285 [Web] Avira scan fails for certain files during upload through Webproxy
  • NUTM-11712 [Wireless] Built-in Wireless with two bridge to AP LAN errors and instability
  • NUTM-12199 [Wireless] Issue with the certificate chain for Let’s Encrypt when used for hotspot
  • NUTM-12372 [Wireless] LocalWiFi : Intermittently unable to connect to the Wireless SSID
  • NUTM-12859 [Wireless] IPTtables rules are not created for AP being part of ‘Access Point Group’




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