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Sophos UTM 9.6 is coming soon!

Sophos will release Version 9.6 soon. The following main features will be available:

  • Sandstorm: Reporting enhancements and manual file submission
  • WAF: “Let’s Encrypt” certificate support and page customization enhancements
  • RED: Unified firmware with 4G LTE support
  • Email: Upgraded S/MIME email encryption
  • ATP: New and improved Advanced Threat Protection engine

Let’s Encrypt needs to be enabled in the WebAdmin:


Roadmap for UTM 9.7, 9.8, and 9.9

For those of you following our roadmap plans closely, you’ll notice that planning our UTM releases out to at least 9.9 is a major new commitment to you, our valued SG UTM partners, as well as to your customers. We want you to know that we are as committed to the SG UTM platform as you are. You may also notice that IKEv2 support did not make the cut for UTM 9.6. After our experience integrating this technology into our XG Firewall platform, we felt that it would unnecessarily delay the release of UTM 9.6, so we’ve deferred it for now and will evaluate it for inclusion in an upcoming release.

As always, your feedback on our roadmap is encouraged and appreciated, so please get in touch with us with your feedback and roadmap priorities via

Other current top considerations for future releases, based on your input, include email and data protection enhancements for GDPR, an enhanced RestAPI to retrieve status information, machine learning in the on-box antivirus engine and automated IP blacklisting for possible brute force attacks.

Source: Sophos Partnerportal Blog




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