Sophos UTM 9.501 Update available


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade



Fix [NUTM-6868]: [AWS, REST API] Missing trailing slash in Swagger URLs
Fix [NUTM-6908]: [AWS, REST API] [RESTD] Consistent authentication look and feel
Fix [NUTM-7173]: [AWS, REST API] [RESTD] Selfmon cannot (re)start restd
Fix [NUTM-7633]: [AWS, REST API] Authentication with umlauts and some special characters not working
Fix [NUTM-6727]: [AWS] AWS_CONVERSION_PRE_CHECK_FAILED (Pre-check failed: 127.)
Fix [NUTM-7374]: [AWS] Link to RESTful API documentation
Fix [NUTM-7497]: [AWS] selfmon complains about missing awslogsd during Up2Date
Fix [NUTM-7658]: [AWS] Swagger UI XSS vulnerability
Fix [NUTM-7442]: [Access & Identity, RED] [RED] 3G Failback with RED15(w) not working if DHCP server is shutting down
Fix [NUTM-6504]: [Access & Identity] OpenVPN 2.4.0 deprecated option “tls-remote”
Fix [NUTM-6606]: [Access & Identity] Re-occuring issues with the Sophos UTM Support access
Fix [NUTM-7111]: [Access & Identity] Multiple open vulnerabilities in libvncserver
Fix [NUTM-7157]: [Access & Identity] VPN users not being created when backend AD group is used
Fix [NUTM-7295]: [Access & Identity] HTML5 VPN: Comma not working on Portuguese (Brazil) keyboard
Fix [NUTM-7350]: [Access & Identity] [RED] USB stick E3372 does not work with RED 15
Fix [NUTM-7377]: [Access & Identity] Remote Access tab won’t load after selecting the OTP Token tab in the User Portal
Fix [NUTM-7448]: [Access & Identity] SSLVPN: download of configuration for windows should use tls-remote option
Fix [NUTM-7774]: [Access & Identity] HTML5 – Mouse not working on Touch Devices
Fix [NUTM-7874]: [Access & Identity] Openvpn: DoS due to Exhaustion of Packet-ID counter (CVE-2017-7479)
Fix [NUTM-6956]: [Basesystem] Hardware LCD screen: IP address of ports other than eth0 cannot be changed through LCD
Fix [NUTM-7067]: [Basesystem] Update OpenSSH to openssh-6.6p1
Fix [NUTM-7069]: [Basesystem] Linux: CVE-2017-6214: ipv4/tcp: infinite loop in tcp_splice_read()
Fix [NUTM-7626]: [Basesystem] BIND Security update (CVE-2017-3136, CVE-2017-3137)
Fix [NUTM-7646]: [Basesystem] NTP Security update (CVE-2017-6458, CVE-2017-6460)
Fix [NUTM-7742]: [Basesystem] Update Appctrl (
Fix [NUTM-6978]: [Confd] Configuration backups do not properly sanitize information
Fix [NUTM-7160]: [Confd] “&” sign in RADIUS secret will be converted into “&”
Fix [NUTM-7636]: [Confd] If changing name in REF_DefaultSuperAdmin ‘Admin reset password’ page is not presented
Fix [NUTM-3513]: [Email] MIME type filter doesn’t detect real mime type
Fix [NUTM-3516]: [Email] POP3 prefetch sometimes stops working
Fix [NUTM-3669]: [Email] SMTP Proxy vulnerable by TLS renegotiation (CVE-2011-1473)
Fix [NUTM-3671]: [Email] SPX encrypted messages are vulnerable to access without proper authentication
Fix [NUTM-3677]: [Email] Maildrop locked for account_id
Fix [NUTM-4324]: [Email] Changing Email Protection settings fails with Sandstorm enabled and trial expired
Fix [NUTM-5388]: [Email] Individual SMTP profiles not updated with changed global settings
Fix [NUTM-5545]: [Email] Quarantine report can’t be enabled under some circumstances
Fix [NUTM-6379]: [Email] Frequent cssd coredumps
Fix [NUTM-6986]: [Email] Sender blacklist doesn’t allow ‘&’ sign within the email address
Fix [NUTM-7220]: [Email] WAF reporting virus found when AV engine on the UTM is updating
Fix [NUTM-7625]: [Email] SMTP DLP expressions do not trigger under specific condition
Fix [NUTM-7722]: [Email] mailbox_size_limit is smaller than message_size_limit in notifier log
Fix [NUTM-3170]: [Network] Time-base access for wireless is dropping ipsec-routes and not creating them again
Fix [NUTM-6992]: [Network] OSPF re-announcing static routes
Fix [NUTM-7044]: [Network] Disable a VLAN associated with the WAN interface breaks the complete communication
Fix [NUTM-7439]: [Network] nf_ct_dns: dropping packet: DNS packet of insuffient length: 25
Fix [NUTM-7395]: [RED] [RED] Split networks/domains fields not shown when editing RED10/15
Fix [NUTM-7491]: [RED] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: x at net/core/dst.c:293 dst_release+0x30/0x51()
Fix [NUTM-7060]: [Reporting] Search in reports doesn’t work if the username contains only numbers
Fix [NUTM-6651]: [Sandboxd] All sandstorm tagged mails get stuck in “Sandstorm scan pending”
Fix [NUTM-4804]: [WAF] Redirect to original requested path after form-based auth
Fix [NUTM-6930]: [WAF] WAF not responding after reboot of the AWS UTM
Fix [NUTM-7178]: [WAF] Segmentation fault in mod_xml2enc for multi-byte charsets
Fix [NUTM-7362]: [WAF] Fix localization strings in Confd
Fix [NUTM-7698]: [WAF] WAF URL redirection and Site path routing can be configured for the same path
Fix [NUTM-7806]: [WAF] WAF – inconsistency with two or more site path routes for ‘/’
Fix [NUTM-7857]: [WAF] Changing the order of real webservers in the virtual webserver edit form isn’t working
Fix [NUTM-6617]: [WebAdmin] Search for Network Definitions breaks in Chrome with over 1000 objects
Fix [NUTM-7652]: [WebAdmin] Not possible to download different SSL VPN User Profiles in one Firefox Session
Fix [NUTM-7870]: [WebAdmin] Comment not displayed for Time Period definition
Fix [NUTM-5794]: [Web] IPv6 fallback to IPv4 doesn’t work
Fix [NUTM-6502]: [Web] HTTP Proxy coredumping with EC CA certificate
Fix [NUTM-6532]: [Web] AD Users are prefetched in lowercase letters
Fix [NUTM-6809]: [Web] URL category name “Potiental Unwanted Programs” spelling mistake on
Fix [NUTM-6848]: [Web] HTTPS warn behaviour when “Block all content, except…” is selected
Fix [NUTM-6867]: [Web] New httpproxy coredumps after update to v9.411 – ReleaseToCentralCache
Fix [NUTM-7076]: [Web] UTM not updating AD group definition
Fix [NUTM-7167]: [Web] OTP Using AD Backend Membership – duplicates user when capital letters are used in the username
Fix [NUTM-7321]: [Web] Non existent or non proxy users are able to create SSL webfilter exceptions
Fix [NUTM-7367]: [Web] Difference between web_filter templates and default templates in web filter
Fix [NUTM-5612]: [WiFi] Manual channel selection not possible in both bands for SG W appliances

2 thoughts on “Sophos UTM 9.501 Update available”

  1. Das mit den nicht-editbaren Benutzern für VPN Richtlinien war schon sehr nervig, ansonsten läuft aus meiner Sicht die 9.5 sehr stabil!

    • Uij wir haben massive Probleme bei vielen Kunden mit der AD-Authentifizierung (HTTP Auth am Proxy). Entweder man wartet oder bei bereits installiertem 9.501: Auth deaktivieren


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