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Sophos UTM 9.309 Update

The new update contains new firmware for the access points. Here are the bugfixes:

31646 Hotspot drops Radius authentication requests
33320 Wireless Protection ‘Password of the Day’ feature is generating passwords that are offensive
33803 Webadmin stopped working from time to time
34258 (VxLAN) Wifi performance issue after update with separate zone cause a wrong MTU used
34296 Postgres connections running out due hotspotd DB connects
34302 SG W-Appliances: Not possible to assign a Bridge to AP LAN SSID to internal WIFI
34382 Client is unable to get an IP address from UTM DHCP server in seperate zone network
34383 Wireless clients connecting to a separate zone network are unable to receive DHCP replies from the UTM
34415 mdw crash when configuring radius for local wifi
34548 raid_monitor.plx fills up / partition (&STDOUT)
34558 RED frequently reconnecting because configuring an Additional Address as UTM-Hostname

the funniest thing is “Wireless Protection ‘Password of the Day’ feature is generating passwords that are offensive” :D

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