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Sophos released update 9.504 and 9.505 for the UTM

Hey guys!

Sophos released two new updates for the UTM:

9.504 (


  • NUTM-8851 [Basesystem] System doesn’t boot if Posgtresql database cannot start
  • NUTM-7240 [RED] RED 50 loosing ARP entries of internal machines
  • NUTM-8782 [RED] RED10, RED15, RED50: Update OpenSSL and TCPdump to most current version
  • NUTM-8858 [RED] DNSMasq vulnerabilities

9.505 (


  • NUTM-8984 [RED] WPA2 KRACK vulnerability fixes for RED15w
  • NUTM-8789 [Wireless] WPA2 KRACK vulnerability fixes

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  1. Habs gewagt :-)^^^^^^^^ Nach gefühlten 8 Min. lief alles wieder…

    Stand jetzt: Firmwareversion: 9.505-4

    Liebe Grüsse

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