Sophos released Update 9.402-7

  • Maintenance Release
  • System will be rebooted
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade


NUTM-1955 [Access & Identity] 35658: VLAN Interface on top of a bridge disappears from Slave after Reboot
NUTM-1958 [Access & Identity] 34242: Communication error with Amazon AWS server
NUTM-2129 [Access & Identity] 36050: File Copy from network share over RED50 does not work in one direction
NUTM-2234 [Access & Identity] 35592: Backup from 220 to 230 caused eth3 to exist two times
NUTM-2449 [Access & Identity] 36228: RED Server sends more peers as peers are configured
NUTM-2706 [Access & Identity] Still coredumps from argos after installing the new fix from mantis 35353
NUTM-2842 [Access & Identity] 35423: irqd: Support more than 32 cpus
NUTM-2844 [Access & Identity] 36028: 82546GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Reset adapter / Detected Tx Unit Hang
NUTM-2950 [Access & Identity] RED15: fix dnsmasq for transparent/split
NUTM-3049 [Access & Identity] 36382: reds-interface does not get IP after re-activating RED device
NUTM-3083 [Access & Identity] IPv6 address in log line shortened
NUTM-3190 [Access & Identity] IPsec site-to-site: Limit of listening interfaces of 300
NUTM-3252 [Access & Identity] High disk I/O during pattern update on smaller UTM appliances
NUTM-3522 [Access & Identity] RED15 with static uplink and dns name as utm hostname doesn’t work correctly
NUTM-3661 [Access & Identity] After deleting red15w mdw crashes
NUTM-1371 [Basesystem] 35523: adbs-maintenance.plx – ERROR: canceling autovacuum task – waits for ShareUpdateExclusiveLock/AccessExclusiveLock
NUTM-1798 [Basesystem] 35862: Confd doesn’t check for valid local time which can lead to dashboard error
NUTM-2804 [Basesystem] 36226: Network Utillization on HW LCD doesn’t match iftop and webadmin values
NUTM-3325 [Email] Bug on Malware scanning UI Text
NUTM-3558 [Email] Sandbox result shows up in messages
NUTM-3575 [Email] Detailed view defective for Sandstorm pending mails
NUTM-3582 [Email] smtpd sometimes gets stuck when creating a cluster
NUTM-3620 [Email] Add capabilities to Quarantine manager’s spool tab to handle multiple items for the same massage
NUTM-2015 [HA/Cluster] Prevent users from changing postgres_secret
NUTM-2290 [HA/Cluster] Prevent backup import from changing postgres_secret
NUTM-2677 [HA/Cluster] 36293: The Slave node in HA doesn’t show any resource usage
NUTM-1956 [Network] 35582: flow monitor invents traffic on wlan1 interface
NUTM-2236 [Network] 34828: don’t start dhclient without interface
NUTM-3156 [Network] Slave interface IP where WAF is listen to get lost after a while
NUTM-3304 [Network] nic-naming: Provide a fix for delayed 210r2 software support
NUTM-3176 [Reporting] In web usage reporting some domains show up as only the suffix
NUTM-2779 [WAF] WAF – Slow HTTP error messages do not match the description
NUTM-3175 [WebAdmin] It is not possible to select a vlan interface for the “Ping Check”
NUTM-3177 [WebAdmin] Sort function in EPP manage computer didn’t work correctly
NUTM-3184 [WebAdmin] Etc\Greenwich set as timezone causes error on dashboard
NUTM-3185 [WebAdmin] Issues while using the “Search Log Files” tab in the “View Log Files” part of webadmin
NUTM-3311 [WebAdmin] Remove Support for TLS v1.0 from Apache Configuration
NUTM-3109 [Web] Proxy stops working without segfault or hint in the logs
NUTM-3114 [Web] ADSSO join didn’t work with special characters like \xF6
NUTM-3123 [Web] HTTP Log is flooded with “Server delivered only 0 of X bytes” messages
NUTM-3124 [Web] HTTP proxy intermittently stuck in ‘recv: Input/output error’
NUTM-3577 [Web] High CPU Load after update to 9.4
NUTM-3076 [WiFi] Split network modes do not work with RED15w
NUTM-3418 [WiFi] RED15w forgets its wireless encryption key after reboot
NUTM-3188 [[Backend/Devel] Confd] Domain-Regex object deployed from SUM will be created more than once
NUTM-3189 [[Backend/Devel] Confd] Auto packetfilter rule is not updated if the destination service object of a NAT will be changed

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