Sophos released the new UTM maintenance update 9.510-5

Download Version 9.509-3 to 9.510-5

Download Version 9.510-4 to 9.510-5


  • Connected APs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade



NUTM-8273 [Basesystem] Inconsistent reporting data in hot standby environment
NUTM-9089 [Basesystem] ulogd restarting randomly
NUTM-9423 [Basesystem] Missing DMI info or missing WiFi card should turn status LED red for desktop refresh models
NUTM-9516 [Basesystem] CVE-2017-3145: BIND vulnerability
NUTM-9764 [Basesystem] multiple NTP vulnerabilities
NUTM-9862 [Basesystem] CVE-2018-8897: Don’t use IST entry for #BP stack
NUTM-9944 [Basesystem] ‘ethtool -p’ is not working for shared port
NUTM-9945 [Basesystem] SG/XG 125/135 upper 4 ports LEDs at front and rear side not behaving as expected
NUTM-10124 [Email] TLS Errors – renegotiation not allowed
NUTM-9286 [Email] CVE-2011-3389: SSL/TLS BEAST Vulnerability And Weak Algorithms
NUTM-9460 [Email] Quarantine unscannable and encrypted content not working as expected
NUTM-9539 [Email] SMTP callout with TLS does not work
NUTM-9627 [Email] Parent proxy for WAF (ctipd) not applied without active e-mail subscription
NUTM-9771 [Email] Redesign TFT detection to decrease false positives/negatives
NUTM-9836 [Email] HSTS usage breaks Quarantine Report release link
NUTM-9789 [Logging] Not able to archive logs using SMB share
NUTM-8969 [Network] Inconsistent DHCP leases in WebAdmin
NUTM-9049 [Network] Cannot change IPv4 interface as IPv6 gateway is required
NUTM-9194 [Network] Static route switching to different VLAN
NUTM-9646 [Network] eth0 is falsely marked “dead” when running “hs” on slave
NUTM-9739 [Network] Network monitor restarting on slave nodes
NUTM-10118 [Reporting] Authenticated Remote Code Execution in WebAdmin
NUTM-9607 [Reporting] Upper case umlauts in PDF Executive Reports are not displayed correctly
NUTM-9624 [Reporting] WAF – Top attackers won’t be displayed after upgrade to v9.5
NUTM-9719 [SUM] Web Protection service shown as down in SUM
NUTM-9547 [UI Framework] UserPortal does not correctly detect browser specified preferred language for Chinese Simplified
NUTM-9527 [WAF] Fix mod_url_hardening stack corruption
NUTM-8038 [WebAdmin] WebAdmin not available
NUTM-9232 [WebAdmin] Sometimes ‘backend connection failed’ while login
NUTM-9529 [WebAdmin] Role with ‘Web Protection Manager’ rights can’t access Aplication Control
NUTM-9689 [WebAdmin] Report Auditor role is unable to open the dashboard
NUTM-5293 [Web] Google is missed in the Search Engines reports
NUTM-6240 [Web] FTP download through HTTP Proxy in standard mode not possible
NUTM-9039 [Web] Connections may fail when using upstream proxies due to “Proxy-Connection” header being sent
NUTM-9399 [Web] Classification for Windows Updates differs between AFC and conntrack
NUTM-9413 [Web] Unable to upload certificate to “Local Verification CAs”
NUTM-9491 [Web] HTTP Proxy coredumps with SIGABRT
NUTM-9549 [Web] Proceeding after content warning results in display issues on redirected pages
NUTM-9599 [Web] HTTP Proxy requests stuck without appropriate timeout
NUTM-9630 [Web] Fallback log flooded with samlogon cache timeout messages
NUTM-9664 [Web] Country blocking exception not working when HTTP Proxy is using SSO
NUTM-9720 [Web] Can’t proceed content warning for MIME types if URL contains spaces
NUTM-9745 [Web] HTTP Proxy coredumps with SIGSEGV
NUTM-7628 [Wireless] Wireless clients frequently failing to connect with STA WPA failure reason code 2
NUTM-8946 [Wireless] APs displayed as inactive in WebAdmin while clients can connect
NUTM-9591 [Wireless] Both local WiFi using 2.4GHz band and same channel in default configuration
NUTM-9592 [Wireless] Unable to broadcast same SSID on both LocalWifi0 and LocalWifi1
NUTM-9594 [Wireless] Incorrect channel information showing on overview for LocalWifi
NUTM-9608 [Wireless] Incorrect generic error message in WebAdmin while configuring band for wireless network
NUTM-9638 [Wireless] Both local WiFi AP named ‘Local’
NUTM-9731 [Wireless] Not able to configure channel 12 and 13 on newer desktop models
NUTM-9735 [Wireless] Set default channel width to 40MHz for 5GHz band
NUTM-9737 [Wireless] SGw appliances missing frequency definitions for Nigeria

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