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Sophos Hardware Refresh Program

The upgrade paths for the hardware refresh programs are not public. I want to show you what paths you can go. Here are some facts:

  • The Hardware Refresh Program is for customers who want to change from UTM/ASG to SG hardware or want to buy a higher SG model
  • SG  and XG hardware are identical. SG has “Sophos UTM 9” preinstalled, XG has SFOS (Sophos Firewall Operating System) preinstalled
  • SG license can be convert to XG license without any costs

You receive a discount if you migrate to newer hardware. It is also possible to buy a new SG and convert to XG:


Next month I need to migrate from a Sophos UTM 320 to a SG 450. This is not a “normal” migration because we go to a higher model cause of the big growth of the customer. The “normal” hardware refresh would be to the “Sophos SG330”. If you change the hardware to this, you have no further license costs. You buy only the new hardware. The license can be convert in your myUTM account. In this specific project, we buy two new SG450, convert the license from UTM320 to SG330, to SG430 and than to SG450. In this case, we are loosing license time by a factor that Sophos defines:


Example: We have 12 month left for our Full Guard subscription. 12 divided by 1,5 results 8. 8 divided by 1,5 results 5,33. So we have 5 month and 10 days left. After this we buy a new full guard subscription for three years.

When you want to go the same way, tell your dealer all informations about it (upgrading to higher hardware model and buying directly another full guard subscription). You will get more discount with that! For more information visit :)

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