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New Sophos UTM update!

Today, Sophos released the update Version 9.409-9 for the UTM:


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade


NUTM-2392 [AWS] Allow the user to select the security group to port during conversion
NUTM-5327 [AWS] Confd object missing after instance recovery in HA scenario
NUTM-5339 [AWS] [RESTD] allow unauthenticated access from localhost
NUTM-5466 [AWS] ssh disabled – No connection to stack instances
NUTM-5882 [AWS] Logging & Reporting overview does not show any information
NUTM-5901 [AWS] [RESTD] Improve webadmin UI and documentation
NUTM-5981 [AWS] Conversion feature always converts to BYOL
NUTM-6013 [AWS] Fix communication issue with S3
NUTM-5110 [Access & Identity] Since version 9.404 L2TP with Android doesn’t work
NUTM-5562 [Access & Identity] UTM to UTM RED Tunnel doesn’t work anymore after only TLS 1.2 is allowed
NUTM-5674 [Access & Identity] REDs offline after HA takeover – ‘RED is not bound to this system, disabling device’
NUTM-5840 [Access & Identity] 3G to WAN failover on RED15/RED50 does not work
NUTM-5661 [Basesystem] quagga security update (CVE-2016-1245)
NUTM-5701 [Basesystem] named fails to start after invalid host record
NUTM-5779 [Basesystem] bind security update (CVE-2016-8864)
NUTM-5769 [Confd] Configd error line 319
NUTM-5787 [Confd] Bridge can’t be converted back to ethernet if only red interfaces are used
NUTM-5997 [Localization] Japanese translation error if using a string longer than 64 bytes as common_name
NUTM-5533 [Network] ‘Block invalid packets’ option doesn’t block invalid packets
NUTM-5595 [Network] SIP Helper behavior clarification in ‘Any’ expectation mode
NUTM-5513 [Reporting] RRD reporting doesn’t show the warnings and alerts of the slave nodes in cluster setups
NUTM-5655 [Reporting] Wrong count on websecvisits data
NUTM-5792 [WAF] WAF coredump’ed after regular session cleanup
NUTM-5856 [WAF] Special characters are encoded when HTML rewrite is enabled
NUTM-5075 [WebAdmin] User test is not working with LDAP special characters in Base DN
NUTM-5317 [WebAdmin] Persistent cookie for user portal working only once
NUTM-5761 [WebAdmin] Translation in Webadmin is not consistent (web protection)
NUTM-5811 [WebAdmin] Misleading default QoS interface downlink/uplink values
NUTM-5888 [WebAdmin] Since v9.408 Authentication Server test fails after first creation
NUTM-5963 [Web] Sandstorm not delivering Emails files from “Scan Pending” state
NUTM-5303 [WiFi] Characters in Hotspot terms of use not encoded correctly
NUTM-5876 [WiFi] User field is blank on login at Hotspot with voucher
NUTM-6128 [WiFi] FollowUp-NUTM-5303 – Characters in Hotspot terms of use not encoded correctly

5 Responses

  1. After upgrade firmware, we are facing intermittent wifi connection. Devices that connected to the wifi always loss signal. The connection is not stable.
    It is happening to all APs at production area. Have tried restarted the APs itself and also the Sophos UTM but the problems does not solved.

  2. After that firmware upgrade, our 220 was stuck in a PostGreSQL schema upgrade loop.
    I had to reinstall the complete operating system via CDROM and I used that to make a complete new configuration for the UTM.

  3. After this upgrade WAN connections were not able to ping or other services through our sophos. Found an article that stated to turn off “block invalid packets” which cleared the issue. Sophos has acknowledged this as a bug.. A really big bug in my case as my branch sites were pretty much sitting ducks until it was fixed.

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