New Sophos UTM Update 9.503-4 available (again)

Sophos released a new firmware (9.503-4) this week. Hopefully they didn’t withdraw it like the last update. We have many customers with AD SSO problems within the http proxy, I hope this update solves this finally…

Download FTP

Additional information:

  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade


NUTM-7891 [AWS] awslogsd.log is beeing flooded with logmessages
NUTM-3196 [Access & Identity] Overlapping backend user prefetches may not be executed
NUTM-7943 [Basesystem] Ntpd permanently restarting on slave node
NUTM-8130 [Basesystem] Linux vulnerability ‘The Stack Clash’
NUTM-8442 [Basesystem] Network Monitor heavily logs “Writing static route to” in fallback log
NUTM-8167 [Configuration Management] Stored XSS in UTM
NUTM-8229 [Configuration Management] Expiring certificate check still send notifications even after CA is regenerated
NUTM-8300 [Configuration Management] Expiring certificate check error fails for incomplete date in certificate
NUTM-8431 [Configuration Management] Privilege escalation via insecure directory permissions
NUTM-8160 [Email] \N in Password of bind request causes account log out
NUTM-8173 [Email] UTM fails to apply DKIM signature to outbound mail with reason RC -102
NUTM-8339 [Email] Avira scanner in single or dual scan still results in SMTP proxy AV scanner unreachable errors on 9.414/9.501
NUTM-8364 [Email] S/MIME encryption – automatic certificate extraction causing high load
NUTM-8464 [Email] worker_do_get_file req content parsing error or missing parameters when mime header “From” in blank
NUTM-8455 [Hardware] Fix hardware detection for SG230nc
NUTM-6981 [Network] No multicast packets visible on bridge with 10 Gbit interfaces
NUTM-7187 [Network] Prefix Delegation does not work correctly during a PPPoE reconnect
NUTM-7502 [Network] Wireless client hostname not displayed/updated
NUTM-7749 [Network] Filter list with hosts didn’t work in BGP and should not be possible to configure
NUTM-7754 [Network] WAF permanently restarts on slave node
NUTM-8556 [Network] SNMP – Error allocating more space for arpcache
NUTM-8017 [REST API] REST API not returning expected objects from API Explorer
NUTM-8137 [WAF] URL hardening prevents login to succeed as side effect of “Redirect to requested URL” feature
NUTM-8174 [WAF] Increase LimitRequestLine
NUTM-8169 [WebAdmin] Certain WebAdmin search fields not usable after upgrade to 9.414/9.5
NUTM-5797 [Web] Winbindd: Exceeding 16000 client connections
NUTM-7070 [Web] In Advanced Protection statistics, email count number for “Awaiting result” displayed in web field
NUTM-8102 [Web] Standard SSO AD issue after updating to 9.5 – IE/Chrome failing/slow to load sites
NUTM-8191 [Web] SSL exception matched for a specific website but didn’t work
NUTM-8352 [Web] Add patch for CVE-2017-11103 “Orpheus’ Lyre”
NUTM-8353 [Web] HTTP proxy AD-SSO authentication failing on 9.502 with more than 5,000 users or groups in AD
NUTM-8387 [Web] UTM registering all of it’s IPs in DNS when joining a domain
NUTM-8702 [Web] After 9.503-3 Update: net: error while loading shared libraries
NUTM-8105 [Wireless] Wireless network connected issue with Bridge to AP LAN

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