New hardware exposed: The SOPHOS64!

Sophos released their new hardware SOPHOS64 with 64-Bit technology!

No… just kidding 😀

I transformed an old Nintendo 64 to a case for my UTM hardware:

I needed to grind a screwdriver to release the screws:

Hardware from 1996 :->

I bend the CPU cooler from my Intel BLKD2500CCE board to fit in the case:

Washing the case:

I need to cut and grind some plastic stuff to fit in my board:

The power supply and the HDD don’t fit in, so I will store them in a second case later:

Saving the original N64 buttons:

Polishing the button for new “Sophos64” button 😉

MrMuscle! Best polish creme 😀


I wanted a white console so I used acryl paint for it:

This is my “second” case behind the N64 case to store the HDD and power supply:

I hope you like my work ^_^

What hardware / case are you using for your Sophos UTM or XG? Where do you “hide” it?

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