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Grand Theft Auto 5 Update not working

You bought a new PC, you took one’s holiday for April 14th, you wake up early to drive to your nearest game dealer, you’ve waited 4.5 years… EVERYTHING for GTA 5 for PC… and what’s going on? I installed the game from 7 DVDs (!) which cost more than an hour and Rockstar Games brings out a Day 1 patch with 5 GB (which would be no problem with my 100Mbit/sec line at home) and everyone has problems downloading the patch from outside the U.S…. The installer is running since 10am and now it is 11pm… a friend found a thread where other people outside of the U.S. have also the same problems (my assumption is that they disconnect other countries at a specific patchfile, I saw this with Wireshark). So I tried an U.S. proxy and it works for me! I could download with a speed over 2.5 MB/sec:


I’m using a proxy in Columbia, South Carolina. The address is

you can configure your Internet Explorer, Rockstar Social Club Launcher is using the same settings (german IE screenshot):


after the download, delete the proxy again.

Have Fun! :-)


P.S.: And when don’t have Grand Theft Auto V for PC, you need to buy it here :P

3 Responses

  1. Hallo Michael,
    danke für den Tipp! Hat bei mir teilweise geholfen aber im Endeffekt ist die Leitung immer wieder abgebrochen. Habe das Spiel seit dem 14.04.15 und konnte immer noch nicht spielen.

    Dein Eintrag macht deinen Block nun noch interessanter! ;-)

    Gruss Norman

      1. Alles Gut :) Michel, gesprochen “Mischel”. Versuchs immer weiter, mein Kumpel ist gestern auch ausgeflippt, irgendwann ging es durch, immer Wechsel mit und ohne Proxy.

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