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Enabling advanced CLI on HP v1910 Switches

I always thought, that the command line of the Comware OS based 1910/1920 switches are limited because they are “cheap”. But I found out to enable the full CLI to configure the devices like a 5000-series Switch.

You can enable the full CLI with the following command:

<HP 1920G Switch>_cmdline-mode on
All commands can be displayed and executed. Continue? [Y/N]y
Please input password:**********************
Warning: Now you enter an all-command mode for developer's testing, some commands may affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it with our engineer's direction.


the password to enable this:




Hewlett-Packard… really??? (Jinhua is a prefecture-level city in central Zhejiang province in eastern China). You can now (finally) configure your switch with the known comware-commands:


You need to enable the advanced CLI mode on every Telnet/SSH-session. I’m very happy that I discovered this. I hope it helps you a lot!


Have a nice and sunny weekend! :)



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