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Ekahau Site Survey version 9.1.4 released!

Ekahau released a new version of their WLAN site survey tool. You can download it here.

  • Improvements:
    • Sizes added to areas – readily visible both on map and in area options.
    • Renamed the Sidekick Wi-Fi adapters and spectrum analyzer in ESS.
    • Visualization legend handling is now improved so that it triggers the visualization refresh only when the settings slider is released. Previously the refresh kicked in immediately once the slider stopped moving.
    • Added a fresh coat of paint for Cisco Prime Import/Export file chooser and rest of the Cisco Prime dialog windows.
    • Disabled visualization refreshing when moving APs on the map while prediction is turned off. This makes it easier to tidy up your survey project and AP locations, while still seeing the survey results.
    • Device profile list now shows more information about the device parameters. You no longer have to dive deeper into the device customization window to find out what kind of device you’re using.
    • Improvements on AP vendor name recognition.
    • Some additional dialog fine-tuning.
    • Tweaks to various multi-MAC grouping logics.
    • Minor fiddling with the one-click report settings and format.
  • Fixed issues:
    • One-click PDF reports on macOS are no longer missing their descriptive texts. This slightly lessens fun of ad-libbing your own texts in the report, but maybe it’s worth it.
    • Quick band selection didn’t work with spectrum visualizations in ESS 9.1.3. Now they are playing nicely together again!
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close ESS start-up notifications if more than one notification popped up at the same time.
    • CAD importing process no longer goes haywire, if you’re importing multiple CAD images and then changing the layout. Now images queue in orderly fashion, instead of dogpiling on each other!
    • Corrected a bug where device offset values were incorrect and overly large when using ESS in German.
    • Visualizations no longer unnecessarily refresh when exiting area options without making any changes.
    • Empty height setting for walls no longer repeatedly refresh visualization when the text field is activated.
    • Fix for overly sticky “No scale” warning, which didn’t close properly when user proceeded to save the project.
    • Other miscellaneous fixes!
  • New access points and antennas:
    • Aruba AP-303, AP-318 + AP-ANT-1W, AP-344 + AP-ANT-1W, AP-374 + ANT-2×2-2314 + ANT-2×2-5314
    • ExtremeWireless ML-2452-PTA2M2-036
    • Huawei EchoLife EG8247H ONT
    • Acceltex ATS-OO-245-34-4NP-36, ATS-OO-245-34-4RPTP-36
    • Cambium Networks E430W
    • HPE OfficeConnect OC20
    • Moxa ANT-WDB-ANM-0306, ANT-WDB-ARM-0202, MAT-WDB-CA-RM-2-0205, MAT-WDB-DA-RM-2-0203-1m and MAT-WDB-PA-NF-2-0708
    • Ruijie Networks AP520, AP630, AP720-L, AP740-I, RG-AP130-L, RG-AP720-I, RG-AP740-I
  • Known issues:
    • Added a registry file in the Drivers-folder in ESS installation directory, which allows users to see their mapped network drives in ESS, when run. For time being, this registry change isn’t integrated to ESS directly due to possible side effects, especially in multi-user environments. We may integrate this registry change to ESS later on, once we’ve done more investigation.

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