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Ekahau Site Survey version 8.7.0 released!

Ekahau released a new version of their brilliant site survey tool. You can find the download here.

Changelog Version 8.7.0

  • Copy & paste Wi-Fi planning (predictive design) elements: APs, walls, floor alignment points, etc.
  • Adjust heatmap opacity to make the floor plan more visible
  • Quick AP coverage toggling
    • Selecting an access point on the map view now automatically deselects the other access point(s)
    • This allows you to quickly toggle between each access point’s coverage when you are showing the visualization for the Selected Access Points
    • To select multiple access points on the map view, hold down the CTRL / SHIFT / CMD button or select the APs one by one on the left hand side Access Point List. You can also do the group selection with Edit-tool now!
  • Improvements for non-adjacent wall segment handling
    • Editing multiple wall elements simultaneously now applies only on the selected elements
    • Previously the change was also applied on the elements between the selected elements which practically made the whole multi wall edit unusable
  • Addition of Aerohive multi-radio logic
  • Other improvements:
    • ESS for Mac: Pinch-zooming now focuses on the cursor location
    • ESS for Mac: Redundant duplicate measurements from the OSX scanner are discarded
    • Cable notes are now drawn thicker and more visible in reports
    • Meraki multi-radio and SSID logic has been improved as much as possible
      • Due to how the OUI part of the BSSID changes between the SSIDs, it is currently not possible to implement 100% reliable multi SSID logic
  • Fixed issues:
    • Keyboard shortcuts for map panning and Edit-tool selection now work better on the map view
    • Exotic characters in the SSID name could cause reporting to fail
    • ESS for Mac: iPhones and iPads were mistakenly recognized as external active adapters
    • GPS tracking got stuck if GPS was toggled ON more than once in a session
    • Random JavaFX issue on the RTFM showing blank windows and errors
    • Mikko’s cracked Surface Pro 4 display, finally!!!
    • The issue with Jussi’s iPhone screen was fixed as well…but he dropped it AGAIN last week :-/
  • HUGE amount of new APs and antennas:
    • Cisco AP1562E + AIR-ANT2547V-N, AP2802E + Cisco AIR-ANT2535SDW-R
    • Ruckus ZoneFlex H510, C110, T610, R610,
    • Aruba AP304 + AP-ANT-28/AP-ANT-38, AP-ANT-28, AP-334, AP-324, AP-365, AP-367, AP-314, AP-ANT-32
    • ADTRAN Bluesocket 3045, Bluesocket 3040, Bluesocket 2020
    • Extreme Networks AP7602, AP7622, AP8432, AP8533, AP3912i
    • Meraki MA-ANT-27, MR 84 + MA-ANT-20, MR72 + Cisco AIR-ANT2566P4W-R, MR33, MR30H
    • Mojo C-130, C-120, O-90, C-75, C-75-E, O-90-E, W-68, ATN-OD-DB-30-DN, ATN-OD-DB-20-MN, ATN-OD-DB-10, ANT-ID-10-6, ANT-OD-10-6, C-55-E
    • LANCOM IAP-821, IAP-822, OAP-821, LN-630acn
    • Aerohive AH-ACC-120-ANT, AP245X, AH-ACC-60-ANT
    • Fortinet FAP-S421E, FAP-S423E, FAP-421E, FAP-423E, AP832i, AP832e, ANT-A080-NM2, ANT-BG080-NM
    • Huawei AP7050DE, AP2050DN-E, 4050DN-HD, AP8030DN, AP7030DE, AP6050DN
    • Netgear WAC740, WAC104, WAC730, WAC720
    • TP-Link EAP110, EAP115, EAP120, EAP220, EAP225, EAP245, EAP320, EAP330
    • Moxa ANT-WSB5-ANF-12, ANT-WDB-ANM-0502
    • Extronics iANT216, iANT218
    • ProSoft RLX2-IHNF + MP antenna 08-ANT-0944-3X
    • Terrawave M040030D33620WS
    • Cambium Networks cnPilot E500
    • Datto / Open-Mesh A40, A60, MR1750
    • Alcatel-Lucent AP103, AP200
    • Sansfil AM24580401RTMO4
    • Mist AP41
    • IgniteNet SunSpot N300, AC1200, Spark N300, AC750, AC750-3AF, Skyfire AC866, Skyfire AC1200, SkyFire
    • Watchguard AP120, AP320,
    • Alvarion WBS-2400
    • D-Link DWL-8710, DWL-6610AP
    • Trapeze MP-522
    • Zebra ML-2499-HPA8-01
    • Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro, NanoStation LocoM5, NanoStation NSM5
    • Radiolinx A2408NJ-DP
    • Hirschmann BAT-ANT-N-MiMo5-18N-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-MiMo5-9N-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-MiMoDB-5N-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-9A-DS-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-8G-DS-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-23A-VH-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-23A-V-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-18A-V-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-14G-IP23, BAT-ANT-N-6ABG-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-5A-IP65, BAT-ANT-N-6G-IP65 H, OpenBAT-R, OpenBAT-F, BAT450-F
    • 4ipnet EAP767
    • EnGenius Neutron EWS860AP
    • First RF Dual-Band Wi-Fi
    • Koda OAP30, AP20
    • Araknis Networks AN-100, AN-300, AN-500, AN-700
    • Avaya WAP9144
    • Interline INT-HOR-G09-F2400, INT-HOR-G12-F2400
    • TRENDnet TEW-755AP

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