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ekahau Site Survey 9.0 released!

ekahau released version 9.0 with new features:

  • High Capacity Planner: The easiest yet the most comprehensive Wi-Fi capacity planning tool
    • Easily set capacity requirements with the new requirement area tool straight from the toolbar – All you need to know is how many devices your network would need to support
    • If needed, you can always go advanced and define your capacity requirements in very detailed manner through “Area options”
    • You may also customize the client details to your liking – or use our pre-made defaults for quick setup
    • Fine-tune the Network configuration in Project-menu to enable the planner to accurately calculate management traffic overhead
  • All New Auto-Planner: Avoids AP overpopulation & hallway placement, disables 2.4 GHz radios, and utilizes dual 5 GHz operation mode when possible.
    • Create plans with multiple different types of coverage and capacity area requirements in one go
      • Multiple different coverage requirements also supported
    • Seamless integration with the new capacity features
    • Ability to plan for dual 5 GHz access points, such as Cisco AP3802i and Aerohive AP250
    • Improved accuracy and results on created plans
  • Channel-Planner 2.0: Vastly improved performance and speed! More options for your channel plan!
    • Fully customizable channel planner – You can now disable individual channels such as 120, 124, and 128
    • Plan channels for individual floors!
    • Channel plans are now calculated much faster!
  • New & improved capacity visualizations: Both new and reworked capacity visualization for more powerful capacity analysis
    • New visualization: Airtime utilization. This visualization shows you in clear and user-friendly manner how fully utilized the channels and radios currently are given your current capacity requirements. Check out the tooltips with both bands enabled and with just one band enabled!
    • Improved visualizations: Capacity: Clients per AP & Capacity health: These visualization have been reworked with user-friendliness and clarity in mind, so judging the state of your Wi-Fi capacity is easier than ever before!
  • Area-specific coverage requirements: Different areas can now each have their own set of coverage requirements, clients, & visualizations
    • Increased flexibility to plan for capacity & requirements on area-by-area basis, instead of earlier global settings
    • Different areas also show different heatmaps based directly on the assigned coverage requirements – You can now check with a glance if all of your requirements are met!
    • Please note: Old global coverage requirements are still used if you don’t use any requirement areas on the map – You can no longer use global capacity settings but instead must assign the clients directly in the areas
  • Improvements:
    • Improved UI for increased usability and clarity
    • Requirement & exclusion area tools (previously called coverage areas) have gone through a complete usability overhaul – No more weird tiny gaps between areas or weird off-kilter angles!
    • Area notes have been removed from note tools and integrated to requirement area tool
    • “Requested/Accepted associations” setting has been removed from “Clients per AP” visualization due to it’s opaque and unclear nature
    • Support Realtek chip based adapters has been improved
    • “Cinder block” has been added to default wall types
    • Improved Aruba radio combination logic
    • Improved “Smooth” visualizations for several heatmap types: Airtime utilization, Associated APs, Clients per AP, Capacity Health, Channel coverage and many more!
  • Fixed issues:
    • You can no longer auto-plan a building with empty floors, which previously led to errors
    • Coverage requirements fields no longer accept invalid values
    • Setting too small scale on a map no longer leads to error in auto-planner or channel planner
    • Leaving too small coverage area fragments on the map no longer produces errors in auto-planner
    • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • New access points and antennas:
    • Cisco AP1815W, AP2702E + AIR-ANT2524DW-R, and AP3702E + AIR-ANT2544V4M-R
    • Aerohive AP550 and Aerohive AH-ACC-1130-ANT-18
    • Aruba ANT-3×3-5712
    • Hirschmann BAT867-R
    • LigoWave NFT 3ac
    • Peplink Balance One, Pepwave AP One Rugged, Pepwave AP One In-Wall, Pepwave AP One Enterprise, Pepwave AP One Flex and Pepwave Ap One Ac Mini

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