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Ekahau Site Survey 8.7.1 released!

Change Log

Version 8.7.1

  • New features:
    • Access Point selection box can now be quick-searched and the most recently used access points are remembered
    • Added new regulatory domains for Asian region: China, Singapore and New Zealand. Greetings from Ekahau team from halfway around the globe!
  • Improvements:
    • Ekahau Site Survey startup time has been optimized by about 25%. Better start planning how you’re gonna use all those those extra seconds!
    • Changed Channel bandwidth visualization colors around: Green for 20Mhz band and Red for 80Mhz band. Less alarming, much more zen!
  • Fixed issues:
    • New and improved project validation sometimes caused saving to fail after deleting surveys. This is now fixed!
    • Increased the size of survey bookmarks in reporting (they were very tiny and cute before, but now they are actually functional)
  • New access points and antennas (not quite the avalanche of antennas it was the last time):
    • AccelTex ATS-OP-245-10-4RPTP-36-VPOL
    • Huawei AP4050DN-E
    • LANCOM LN-860, LN-862, LN-1700 and LN-1702
    • Netgear WAC510
    • Samsung WEA412h

Download here.

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