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ekahau Site Survey 10.x released!

In my opinion, ekahau Site Survey is the best survey utility for WLAN planing and onsite surveys. Of course, not everything is perfect but they are near to 100%. I’m working with ekahau since many years and have seen many changes. I can recommend this to everyone. Ekahau also offers a light product called “HeatMapper” where you can analyze your current wifi and signal strength. Click here for download.


Below you can find the changelog of ekahau Site Survey:


Version 10.0.1

Release Date: April 24th, 2019
  • Improvements:
    • Antenna linking introduced to Ekahau Pro! Now antenna direction, height and tilt are linked by default in APs. When you change one of the aforementioned parameters in one radio, it will also change in all other radios of the AP as well! If you want to break the linking, you can freely unlink APs in the Actions-menu.
    • Improved AP icon sizes in reporting and image export. We noticed that AP icons often appeared too large in the reporting, so we put them on a diet and now they should be much more modestly sized and consistent across the board.
    • Improved label sizes in reporting and image export. What’s Hardy without his Laurel? Label sizes were somewhat too small and slim in the previous version, so we made them bigger and more in line with the new AP icon sizes.
    • Improved and more robust building coordinate system. Among other things, differently angled floors now work better, and you can also use only two alignment points to align your floors.
    • You can now assign any available AP model to surveyed access points. Previously you were able to select only models from the detected vendor’s selection, which proved too limiting in practice.
    • Streamlined Channel Interference visualization options: Adjacent channel mode selection is removed (new default: Loose) and Max Operating Channel (new default: Max bandwidth).
    • White survey handles are now hidden when using Survey Inspector to examine the survey measurements on the map. Previously measurement points could get lost under the survey handles – but no more!
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed a critical issue where you weren’t able to do surveys in Ekahau Standard version of the application. No jokes here, we’re just very sorry for this oversight.
    • Rectangular attenuation areas can now be saved to again to the project files. No, we don’t think this feature is too “square” for our new and hip Ekahau Pro.
    • Scale tool no longer multiplies values with decimals by 10 when using Ekahau Pro in German or French.
    • Insta-tool tip toggle introduced in 10.0.0 now works better on Windows. Holding the toggle (shortcut key: T) down now allows you to immediately display tool tips on the map wherever you poke your cursor!
    • Heatmap slots no longer get stretched and distorted in certain type of projects with an aligned building. While we like to stay flexible, but we don’t want our heatmaps to take up after us.
    • Reporting and image export no longer fail if attenuation area labels are toggled OFF.
    • Exception fixed in Data Rate visualization which could occasionally send our reporting to a never-ending journey. And not one those magical and fantastical journeys – just a journey that. Never. Ends.
    • Fixed an issue where certain type of SVG images made our reporting fail on macOS.
    • Image export no longer runs out of memory with certain type of higher resolution images.
    • Hybrid projects with both measured and simulated access points sometimes produced odd heatmaps or disregarded some access points. Now we’ve injected an added dose of sense into this release, fixing this problem.
    • Access point power and height fields no longer show up in wrong colors after changing unit of measurements.
    • Helped BLE labels to make up their mind when the beacon is disabled. Previously we were showing both OFF and Bluetooth icon in the radio label and it got messy! Now BLE radios show only OFF label, like their Wi-Fi cousins.
    • Improved Cloud project download reliability.
    • AP text and model fields now keep their focus properly and don’t split it up with other elements.
    • Other miscellaneous fixes.
  • New access points, antennas and BLE beacons:
    • Cisco AP1840
    • Aerohive AP30
    • Aruba AP-535
    • AccelTex ATS-OP-245-6-4
    • Netgear WAC540
    • Terrawave M6045055DMD1820, M6040060O2D1802RS, M060060M1D43607C, M6060060D3D3620T, M6060060D3D3607T, M6060060D3D3602T, M60600060P3D63602, M6085085D3D1220, M6090012D3D41806, T58185D0006 and T58125DM0006D
  • Notes:
    • Because a dog ate our homework, we forgot to mention in 10.0.0 release notes that we have now relocated the GPS surveys to their own survey mode under Continuous and Stop & Go survey modes. Just select “GPS Survey” in the survey tool and you’ll find all the familiar GPS related tools there!


You can download the full version here.

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