What happens when a subscription of a Sophos UTM expires?

Many people are thinking that after an expirationof a Sophos UTM, they just don’t get pattern updates, but this isn’t true. There are some ciritical proceedings! I will explain the consequences of a expired subscription: English: Network Protection expired. What does the UTM exactly do? Packetfilterrules will still (respectively through the free essential license) work, just as the … Read more

The new Sophos SG Series

Sophos has announced the new Sophos SG (Sophos Secure Gateway) Medium Hardware Series on the website. You can also view the new appliances on a datasheet. There are three different hardware types with slots for further use. The newer appliances are more customisable. You can connect different modules to them:   Sophos advertised the new appliances … Read more

Web Protection – New categorization of websites

If you have a website that is in case of false positive categorized as “Malicious Site” or a wrong category, you can open a support case by writing an email to sites@mcafee.com or via the website https://www.trustedsource.org/en/feedback/url from McAfee. Sophos UTM is also using this global database. In Sophos UTM 9.2 you have the ability to overwrite … Read more

Sophos UTM 9.2 soft-release available!

Major Features Web: New UI policy model Mail: SPX encryption support Mail: DLP support Network: Botnet/C&C traffic detection and blocking Network: Major IPS performance improvements Authentication: Dual-factor authentication with OATH TOTP WAF: Authentication support Smaller Features Web: AD SSO in transparent mode Web: Warn action Web: Transparent HTTPS filtering w/o full SSL scanning Web: URL … Read more

UTM-News from Sophos Partner Roadshow

Back from Sophos Partner Roadshow with a lot of new informations! As I told, the Sophos UTM version 9.2 will be soft-released today. Keep a look at the Sophos FTP server. The version 9.2 is available until november and has the longest beta-phase in the history of this product (4 month). You are now asking … Read more

VDSL with Sophos UTM and Zyxel Modem

I tried another VDSL modem to connect a Sophos UTM with a VDSL line from Deutsche Telekom. I tried the Zyxel device P-870H-53A v2 with a builtin 4-port switch (perfect for our high availability cluster). Configure the VDSL interface wiht PPPoE and your provider login-data. Keep in mind to deactivate the VDSL option because the Zyxel modem … Read more

Using Sophos Access Points behind a RED

In case you are using split-tunnel with your Sophos UTM and an Access Point behind a RED, you need to configure some additional parameters. The Access Point always wants to connect to the WLAN Controller address so you need to add this host to the split-network area:   after this the RED will reboot … Read more

Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.108 Soft-Release

Sophos UTM v.9.108023 News Maintenance Update Reduce lifetime of WebAdmin certificate to 39 months to comply with future browser requirements Also reduce lifetime of https-scanning certificate to 39 months Support SHA-2 algorithm for SSL VPN authentication Remove RC4 from WebAdmin SSL cipher list to comply with current recommendations Various WebAdmin fixes in Wireless Status overview … Read more