Using different smarthosts in your mail environment

Hello guys! I was asked how to configure multiple domains on a Microsoft Exchange server. The reception is very easy: Add the new domain name to your Exchange server and configure your POPcon to collect the mails or configure the MX DNS entry of this domain to your fixed WAN IP. But what about sending … Read more

Securing ownCloud with Sophos UTM Webserver Protection

Hi guys! To secure your ownCloud access via Sophos UTM Webserver Protection, you will need to add your local webserver (in my case a Raspberry Pi; tutorial here) to the webserver protection module:     now we will configure a new firewall policy especially for our requirements:   I configured uploads only at the Antivirus option. … Read more

ownCloud with Raspberry Pi

Long time ago since last post, sorry! I bought a Raspberry Pi Model B to build my own “Dropbox”. I will show you how to install Raspbian and ownCloud on the Raspberry Pi. What items do you need for this? I bought the following things: Mainboard: Raspberry Pi RBCA000 Mainboard (ARM 1176JZF-S, 512MB RAM, HDMI, 2x USB … Read more