Ekahau Site Survey 8.7.1 released!

Change Log Version 8.7.1 New features: Access Point selection box can now be quick-searched and the most recently used access points are remembered Added new regulatory domains for Asian region: China, Singapore and New Zealand. Greetings from Ekahau team from halfway around the globe! Improvements: Ekahau Site Survey startup time has been optimized by about … Read more

Building up a Cisco mobility express environment

First, order a new PoE+ Injector with 30 Watt output (IEEE 802.3at) -.- after some hours, not seeing the SSID, I figured out that the new 2800 and 3800 access points won’t start their radio-interfaces if the AP doesn’t get enough power. You can convert any controller-based access point to a “configurable” (formerly (autonomous) by changing … Read more

Cisco Telnet hack available :)

Ok… cracking is bad… but enabling telnet is worse! “Cisco is warning of a new critical zero-day IOS / IOS XE vulnerability that affects more than 300 of its switch models. The company identified this highest level of vulnerability in its product while analyzing “Vault 7” — a roughly 8,761 documents and files leaked by … Read more

Ekahau Site Survey version 8.7.0 released!

Ekahau released a new version of their brilliant site survey tool. You can find the download here. Changelog Version 8.7.0 Copy & paste Wi-Fi planning (predictive design) elements: APs, walls, floor alignment points, etc. Adjust heatmap opacity to make the floor plan more visible Quick AP coverage toggling Selecting an access point on the map … Read more

Using 40GE QSFP to 4x 10GE SFP+ splitter cable

Today I was very frustrated when I connect a 40GE QSFP to 4x 10GE SFP+ splitter cable to a HPE FlexFabric 5700 48G 4XG 2QSFP+ switch (JG894A). I received the following message: [HPE]%Jan 8 19:02:19:652 2011 HPE OPTMOD/4/MODULE_IN: FortyGigE1/0/54: The transceiver is STACK_QSFP_PLUS_4SFP_PLUS. [HPE]%Jan 8 19:02:50:826 2011 HPE OPTMOD/3/TYPE_ERR: FortyGigE1/0/54: Transceiver type not supported! First reaction: … Read more

New hardware exposed: The SOPHOS64!

Sophos released their new hardware SOPHOS64 with 64-Bit technology! No… just kidding 😀 I transformed an old Nintendo 64 to a case for my UTM hardware: I needed to grind a screwdriver to release the screws: Hardware from 1996 :-> I bend the CPU cooler from my Intel BLKD2500CCE board to fit in the case: Washing the … Read more

Allowing WhatsApp and FaceTime via Firewall-Rules

In an environment with granular firewall rules for accessing the internet, WhatsApp and FaceTime ports need to be opened to work properly. Use “:” within Sophos UTM service definitions for portranges. Here are the ports: WhatsApp TCP 4244 TCP 5222 TCP 5223 TCP 5228 TCP 5242 UDP 3478 UDP 45395 TCP/UDP 50318 TCP/UDP 59234 FaceTime TCP 5223 UDP 3478-3497 … Read more

Hotfix Update 9.411-3 for Sophos UTM

Sophos released the new update very quick after patch 9.410-6. Several customers had problems with single scan in mail and web proxy. Download: FTP & HTTP Changelogs: NUTM-6804 [AWS] Update breaks HVM standalone installations NUTM-6747 [Email] SAVI scanner coredumps permanently in MailProxy after update to 9.410 NUTM-6802 [Web] New coredumps from httpproxy after update to … Read more

New Sophos UTM update 9.410-6

  Sophos released a new maintenance updates. System will be rebooted – Configuration will be upgraded – Connected Wifi APs and REDs will perform firmware upgrade   Bugfixes: NUTM-534 [AWS] Template update notification NUTM-6178 [AWS] pg_xlog directory filling up on AWS deployments NUTM-6186 [AWS] Make all UTM logs available in AWS CloudWatch NUTM-6224 [AWS] awslogs daemon init … Read more