Allowing WhatsApp and FaceTime via Firewall-Rules

In an environment with granular firewall rules for accessing the internet, WhatsApp and FaceTime ports need to be opened¬†to work properly. Use “:” within Sophos UTM service definitions for portranges. Here are the ports: WhatsApp TCP 4244 TCP 5222 TCP 5223 TCP 5228 TCP 5242 UDP 3478 UDP¬†45395 TCP/UDP¬†50318 TCP/UDP¬†59234 FaceTime TCP 5223 UDP 3478-3497 … Read more

Hotfix Update 9.411-3 for Sophos UTM

Sophos released the new update very quick after patch 9.410-6. Several customers had problems with single scan in mail and web proxy. Download: FTP & HTTP Changelogs: NUTM-6804 [AWS] Update breaks HVM standalone installations NUTM-6747 [Email] SAVI scanner coredumps permanently in MailProxy after update to 9.410 NUTM-6802 [Web] New coredumps from httpproxy after update to … Read more

New Sophos UTM update 9.410-6

  Sophos released a new maintenance updates. System will be rebooted –¬†Configuration will be upgraded –¬†Connected Wifi APs and REDs will perform firmware upgrade   Bugfixes: NUTM-534 [AWS] Template update notification NUTM-6178 [AWS] pg_xlog directory filling up on AWS deployments NUTM-6186 [AWS] Make all UTM logs available in AWS CloudWatch NUTM-6224 [AWS] awslogs daemon init … Read more