New Sophos UTM update!

Today, Sophos released the update Version 9.409-9 for the UTM:   System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade Bugfixes: NUTM-2392 [AWS] Allow the user to select the security group to port during conversion NUTM-5327 [AWS] Confd object missing after instance … Read more

Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt!

  I’m using an Intel Compute Stick with an USB 3.0 harddisk as my “Home-Server”. The stick has Windows 10 pre-installed: I installed Serviio for streaming to my Samsung TV and I also installed XAMPP to run my ownCloud (8.0.x). In the past I used a self-signed certificate for HTTPS but I want a free … Read more