Cisco Right to Use (RTU) Licensing

Cisco AP licensing on wireless lan controller was always a little bit “messy”. You need to add AP-adder licenses to your current license by activating a PAK (Product activation key) on with your Cisco CCO ID, downloaded the lic file and upload it to your controller AND (!) restarting the whole machine. The last days, … Read more

Multiple SSIDs with Cisco Access Points

In this example I will show you how to configure multiple SSIDs on a dual-band autonomous Cisco access point. The interface “Dot11Radio0” is for 2.4 GHz and “Dot11Radio1” for 5 GHz. We will configure three SSIDs for different VLANs. Create your VLANs for your wireless network: dot11 vlan-name Intern vlan 1 dot11 vlan-name Scanner vlan 10 … Read more

Enabling advanced CLI on HP v1910 Switches

I always thought, that the command line of the Comware OS based 1910/1920 switches are limited because they are “cheap”. But I found out to enable the full CLI to configure the devices like a 5000-series Switch. You can enable the full CLI with the following command: <HP 1920G Switch>_cmdline-mode on All commands can be … Read more

Secure Exchange Webservices with Sophos UTM WAF

current status of this guide: 18th July 2016 (Exchange 2016 compatible) There are many tutorials about securing Exchange webservices with the Webserver Protection from Sophos UTM but some are outdated or are not working any more. So I will show you a working configuration and will keep this tutorial up2date. Login to your Sophos UTM WebAdmin, … Read more

The meaning of the Cisco WLC Ports

“management” Main-Interface that is bound to the physical interfaces. For the WLC 5520, the “management” interface lies on the installed 10 Gbit Ports “Port 1” and “Port 2”. When you activate the LAG function, all physical ports (except the yellow copper ports) will be bound to one LAG. Enabling or disabling the LAG option is … Read more

Updating Cisco ASA HA Cluster

Last week I updated a Cisco ASA HA cluster within a work project. The customer runs about 200 EasyVPN and IPsec VPN Site2Site connections. Our goal was to update the Cisco ASA HA cluster without an interrupt. The installed firmware version was 8.6(1)2 and we wanted to go straight to 9.4(2)11. In this case I was using two … Read more