A documentation of the different Sophos UTM layers

Sophos UTM has many open source services. Each service is for another function. The Web Protection is a squid proxy which can be used via Proxy-IP or via transparent mode. The VPN service “pluto” is an implemenation of strongSwan, etc. A data-packet runs trough many layers. I tried to figure out in which order it happens. I hope … Read more

Sophos released Update 9.402-7

Maintenance Release System will be rebooted Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade Changelog: NUTM-1955 [Access & Identity] 35658: VLAN Interface on top of a bridge disappears from Slave after Reboot NUTM-1958 [Access & Identity] 34242: Communication error with Amazon AWS server NUTM-2129 [Access & Identity] 36050: File Copy … Read more

Sophos UTM IPSec Fallback with different vendor

During a firewall migration at one of my customers, the IT director asks me If we can configure IPsec fallback for the branch offices. The remote devices are all from Bintec and there are over 30 branch offices out there. First, correct the NAT settings on all devices with this tutorial. I blogged it last year. Now we … Read more