Sophos UTM elevated 9.4 soft-release

Sophos released the UTM update 9.4. You can upload the file via WebAdmin or via shell cd /var/up2date/sys wget auisys.plx –showdesc Changelogs Clientless SSO (STAS) IPv6 Support for SSL VPN Sandboxing for SMTP and Web Support for new RED15w Support for new SG Appliances SG85 and SG85w Support for new 4x10G FP 1U network module WAF … Read more

Sophos UTM Web Protection Workflow

Did you ever asked yourself how the web protection workflow is working within the Sophos UTM? Many customers have problems to understand the way the proxy works. The proxy can be used transparent (man-in-the-middle for http/https) or by “standard” where you use the proxy within your browser or WPAD. The proxy differentiates requests by source, … Read more

New Sophos XG Firmware available!

The firmware version SW-SFOS_15.01.0_MR-1.1.SFW-407 is available for the Sophos XG. Go to System / Administration / Firmware and click Download (164.12 MB) to start the process: click on Install after the download has finished. The device will do a reboot. Sophos has also published a tutorial video on youtube: By loading the video, you agree to … Read more

News from the Sophos Partner Roadshow

Advanced Zero-Day-Protection The Sophos Sandstorm (“Breach Detection Platform”) is a dynamic-cloud-technology for scanning files on different OS and browser versions to detect zero day malware. The product FireEye for example is a on-premise solution for this. Sophos centralized this into a cloud-system. The popular zero day malware “Locky” is a normal executable or macro script … Read more