Sophos Partner Roadshow 2016

Tomorrow I’m in Düsseldorf at the Sophos Partner Roadshow 2016. The agenda shows topics about synchronized security, parallel life of UTM and XG, UTM version 9.4, sandstorm project and cloud web gateway. I will keep you up2date about all topics 🙂 see you there!   /update   here

Sophos UTM Update 9.354-4 available

Up2Date 9.354004 package description: Remark: System will be rebooted News: Security Update Bugfixes: Fix [36136]: ISC DHCP security update (CVE-2015-8605) Fix [36201]: Bind Vulnerability CVE-2015-8000 Fix [36266]: OpenSSH security update (CVE-2016-0777, CVE-2016-0778) Fix [36281]: XSS vulnerability in mod_url_hardening [9.35] Fix [36282]: XSS vulnerability in mod_avscan [9.35] RPM packages contained: modavscan-9.35-11.gf2793ad.rb2.i686.rpm modurlhardening-9.35-10.g2349e23.rb2.i686.rpm openssh-6.2p2- chroot-bind-9.9.8_P2-2.gef3615e.rb6.i686.rpm dhcp-chroot-client-4.3.3_P1-2.g78158b9.rb7.i686.rpm dhcp-chroot-server-4.3.3_P1-2.g78158b9.rb7.i686.rpm … Read more