Install .net Framework 3.5 on Windows 10

I tried to run tools like mRemote which needs .net Framework 3.5. Typically you can activate this within “Program & Features” but in Windows 10 I always got the error 0x800F081F: but there is a way to install this feature completely offline. Just mount the Windows 10 ISO an start this command: DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 … Read more

Overflow happened on RED Device

Today I had a strange problem with a new Sophos RED15 device. The customer told me that they have many interrupts through a transparent RED device. There were these lines in the log: 2015:09:22-11:11:34 utm-1 red2ctl[7819]: Overflow happened on reds1:0 2015:09:22-11:11:34 utm-1 red2ctl[7819]: Missing keepalive from reds1:0, disabling peer 80.135.xx.xx I controlled the configuration and … Read more

Outgoing Mails wrongly classified as spam

Today we had massive problems at our customers. Mails that are sent to Sophos UTM gateways were declared as confirmed spam. I found out that mails from Outlook are recognized as confirmed spam while mails sent from iPhone via Exchange or Outlook Web App are going through the mailproxy. Sophos UTM AntiSpam is using the global … Read more