Distribute the Sophos UTM webproxy url

Group policy There are several HowTos out there to publish the Internet Explorer via group policies but I had several problems with different domain controller OS versions and domain-levels. Newest group policies can’t provide support for the newest Internet Explorer so I found my way to configure all versions of Internet Explorer. We will configure … Read more

Website online again…

… my website was hacked and used for phishing attacks. The provider deactivated the domain. I cleaned up everything and contacted the abuse-team. I hope this was the last hack 🙂

Sorry for the mess!

Currently my site gets hacked every day and I need to find the vulnerability. i will use temporary a standard theme, I keep you up to date on this…

Sophos UTM Update 9.312-8

A new GA update has been released today. Access Points will perform a firmware update.   Bug Fixes: 28055 Duplicated DHCP Leases 29981 Country blocking exceptions are not used in HTTP Proxy 30635 Make ATP alert clearing configurable 32306 “Skip rule on interface error” does not work in multipath 32877 Winbindd running on 100 percent … Read more