Cisco WLC HA failure scenario

Some days ago I tested the HA WLC cluster at one of my customer. This is the environment: – First WLC (let’s call it “Main-WLC”) with (with shared management IP – Second WLC (let’s call it “HA-WLC”) with (with shared management IP We powered-off the Main-WLC, the access points and wireless … Read more

New Sophos UTM soft-release Update 9.310

News Maintenance Update Remarks System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade Bugfixes 22468 HTML5 iptables rule doesn’t match for IPSec-routed hosts 23965 Prevent removing default network objects 25191 awed (awed_ng) fails on missing rrd-metadata file 27463 Cablemodem interface does not renew interface address after modem reboot 27601 … Read more

Redundant Internet access with Cisco routers

You can configure redundant internet lines with Cisco routers. For this we will use route tracking. The configuration of this is also for backing up your VPN lines. In this example we have to internet lines: The main line is 105.1.2.x and the backup line 222.1.2.x (I also bound a crypto map to it): interface Vlan2 description … Read more

Sophos UTM 9.309 Update

The new update contains new firmware for the access points. Here are the bugfixes: 31646 Hotspot drops Radius authentication requests 33320 Wireless Protection ‘Password of the Day’ feature is generating passwords that are offensive 33803 Webadmin stopped working from time to time 34258 (VxLAN) Wifi performance issue after update with separate zone cause a wrong … Read more

Cisco WLC DHCP Option 43

You can provide the Cisco Aironet Wireless Controller address to your access point via DHCP option 43, so you don’t need to configure manually every AP itself. In my case, I had a Cisco WLC 5508 HA cluster on the headquarter and Cisco 2700 access points at a remote location. Open your DHCP management console at … Read more