Sophos UTM Update 9.308-16 soft-release

Today Sophos released a new maintenance update. Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade. Here are the bugfixes:   22842 HTML5 VPN PF Drop Rule should actually say that its dropping traffic 24479 Wrong packetfilter will be created with the internet object and one uplink interface is down 25190 pmacct has problems with the ipfix templates … Read more

Solving the GHOST vulnerability in Sophos UTM

To solve the ghost bug CVE-2015-0235 in the UTM, update to latest version 9.307006: Up2Date 9.307006 package description: Remarks: System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade News: Security Update Update glibc to fix potential vulnerability (GHOST, CVE-2015-0235) Bugfixes: Fix [32724]: improvements for the rpmdb check Fix [33841]: … Read more