Cisco Site2Site VPN problem with “Fail to allocate ip address”

Today I configured a site2site VPN on a Cisco Router. The remote device was a Palo Alto. Phase 1 was working correctly but we got problems with Phase 2, the debug logs said: *Aug 15 09:13:06.899: ISAKMP:(6035):Total payload length: 12 *Aug 15 09:13:06.899: ISAKMP:(6035): sending packet to my_port 500 peer_port 500 (R) MM_KEY_EXCH *Aug 15 … Read more

Sophos UTM Soft-Release 9.205-12

News Maintenance Release Add support for next generation of 1XX, 5XX, and 6XX appliances Remarks System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Bugfixes 31901 Not possible to activate MSP licenses on SG appliances 32048 Using a Reverse Authentication profile requires the ‘Path’ to end with a / 32114 Transparent AD SSO fails after redirect … Read more

No precompiled virtual appliance any more

Today I wanted to download/refresh the ISO files in our network folder for Sophos UTM hardware, software and virtual appliances from the Sophos FTP server. The virtual appliance folder was empty. Sophos decided to discontinue precompiled virtual appliance ISO, here is the official statement: Dear Customer, thank you for your interest in the Sophos virtual UTM … Read more