Timeout while reading response from Server

Rarely there is a problem with some secure web portals while using the proxy from the Web Protection of the Sophos UTM. It appears mostly while uploading big files: You can see this output also in the log file as a blocked web request: 2013:11:12-10:02:50 astaro-2 httpproxy[6490]: id=”0002″ severity=”info” sys=”SecureWeb” sub=”http” name=”web request blocked” action=”block” … Read more

Happy Sysadmin Day!

Today we celebrate our yearly sysadmin day! 🙂 I wish all of you a nice day and a happy start into the weekend!!! Today I will hide in the serverroom…   Take a look at the SysAdmin Appreciation Day GIF contest @ PuppetLabs!

tcping.exe – ping over a tcp connection

Several days ago I found a nice tool for testing tcp ports from windows command shell. In the past I used “telnet IP tcp-portnumber”, when I got a black screen I knew that the port was open. At elifulkerson.com I found a better way for quick port testing. You can do it also with nmap but … Read more

ICMPv6 ‘Multicast Listener Report’ flooding the network

Today I had a very big network problem! Since 4 o’clock a customer told us, that the network printers aren’t available and a wireless link to another location can’t be used anymore. I watched at the PRTG monitoring software and the network-ports from the HP switches were at high load/traffic:   and this was on every network port! So … Read more

Bugfix Soft-Release 9.204-19 available

Download: ftp://ftp.astaro.de/UTM/v9/up2date/u2d-sys-9.203003-204019.tgz.gpg Up2Date 9.204019 package description: Remarks: System will be rebooted Configuration will be upgraded Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade Connected RED devices will perform firmware upgrade News: Bugfix Release Enhancement: WAF: Allow to configure connection timeout per backend Enhancement: WAF: Add “id” field to log lines Enhancement: SSL VPN: Log traffic volume on … Read more