Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Today we celebrate the 14th annual of the System Administrator Appreciation Day!   Dear boss, can you bring me the following things for a happy SysAdmin Day?: Cake & Ice cream Pizza Cards Gifts Words of gratitude Custom t-shirts celebrating the epic greatness of your SysAdmin(s) Balloons Streamers Confetti Thanks in advance, your Administrator 🙂   … Read more

StackWise configuration with Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series

Today I will open the box of pandora of switch virtualization 🙂 Switch virtualization is needed for configure etherchannels or LACP over two or more devices, configuration-redundancy, single-configuration and easy network expansion. In this example I will show you how to configure a stackwise cluster with Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switches:   with Cisco StackWise you can … Read more

Spanning Tree Protocol and PXE Boot

Most of us is using STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) within switched networks. In the last days I had problems on one location of a customer. We distribute new Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switches to the location and didn’t understand why desktop clients can’t boot via DHCP/PXE (Preboot Execution Environment). With globally activated STP/RTSP on the switches, every … Read more